Moonwalk Rental Company Downsizing Sale
Commercial Moonwalks .

Reply to Craigslist email, or only! Do not call. If I don't recognize the number I will not answer.


These items only sold together. Will not separate, Unless you are interrested in the 6-in 1 World Sport Games. I will sell that by itself

All in good to excellent shape  
$6000 firm for all.  Blowers included. Dollys are extra


16 foot Round Rainbow Carousel  $900 value ($1900 + shipping new)
Purchased new 03/24/2005 used 30 times
Rare/High Demand for 1yr party's

Enclosed screen, good for cool weather.








Module Combo Challenge 5  $2400 value ($3800+ shipping new)
Purchased new 05/30/2006 Used 15 times

Jump, Crawl, Basket Ball Goal, Obsticals, Slide
(Panel not included)

18L x 15W x 146H
To look at inside specifics of the Combo Click HERE







4-in-1 Castle Combo $1800 value ($2300+shipping new)
Jump, Basket Ball Goal, Crawl, Slide
Purchased new 12/03/ 2007 Used ~15 times
SIZE 17'L X 15'W X 15'H

6-in 1 World Sport Games $2300 value ($2800+shipping new) LARGE for teens and adults, not Small Junior size sold today
Football, Basketball, Baseball, Darts, Soccer, Fresbie

Purchased new  03/27/2009 Used 4 times like new
21 foot tall, 28' W, and 36.8 L. HUGE!
4-wheel HD dolly for this $350 extra
See it in 3-D!